Frequently Asked Questions

ORDER DEADLINES are twice per month, on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Your order will be placed with the next Order Deadline.

Your order pickup will be available for pickup roughly 2 weeks after the ORDER DEADLINES

You will receive a pickup notification email. You MUST set up "" as a contact in your email account to ensure you receive your Order Pickup Notification email.

The order pickup notification will give you a 3-day Order Pickup window (usually Saturday - Monday from 11-5pm). If you cannot make it in that window, please reply to your Order Pickup Notification email to let us know.


Order $300 or more for a 5% discount and $1000 or more for a 10% discount---applied at checkout!


The Search tool is the easiest way to find items. Click here for Search tips.


Where can I save the items I want to re-order?

One aspect of our site that we're really excited about is the Grocery List feature, where you can save items that you consistently buy. They stay there until you remove them. You can also add your entire grocery list to your shopping cart with one click! Combined with our powerful search tool to find your items, it couldn't be easier to create a list to conveniently re-order from again and again.


How do I tell how many packages are in a case?

Here is a screenshot of the product list:

If a product is offered in singles, it will just show the package size under 'Pkgs per case', e.g. '12 OZ' by itself under Pkgs per case means that there is one 12 OZ package per case.


How long until I get my order?

You can pick up your order from our store (map) about 2 weeks after the order deadline. See the current schedule. You will receive a pickup reminder via email when your order is ready for pickup.


Can I buy items at Hoku's store?

Absolutely! We stock thousands of your favorite products. Come by our store for a visit!  (map)


Can I call in my orders? What about placing them in person?

All special orders are now done online.

If you have an item that you would like to see stocked in our store, please let us know. Once we get a few requests for the same product, we'll try it out!


Can I cancel my order once it's placed?

You may cancel your order at any time prior to the order deadline (see our current schedule). Due to the nature of shipping items across the ocean, no cancellations will be accepted after the order deadline. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.


Is my online transaction safe (why am I getting a 'secure Internet connection' message)?

Hoku Foods Onine uses industry-standard SSL 128-bit encryption on a secure server. This secure server is used for registration/login and checkout. Depending on your browser and settings, when you click 'submit' at registration/login you may get a message like:

'You are about to leave a secure Internet connection. Do you want to continue?'

This is because after you login, you are directed to a standard server while you choose your items to increase the speed and function of the site. When it's time to checkout, you are directed back to the secure server to protect your financial information, which is never visible to anyone but you. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of our site or your information, please contact us.


What if I can't find an item after searching?

 Contact us with what you are looking for and if we carry it, we'll find it for you!


What if some of my items don't arrive with my order?

At times our distributor runs out of stock of a particular item. We will promptly refund to your payment method the amount of any items that don't arrive with your order. (Please note that we do not automatically reorder items.)


Where can I find detailed product information?

We are currently working on creating easy access to detailed product information. Until then, you can  Contact us with any product questions and we will send the information to you.


What do abbreviations like DF and NS mean?

DF---dairy free

FF---fat free

FJS---fruit juice sweetened

LF---low fat

LS---low salt

HT---heat treated

NS or NSA---no salt, no salt added

RF---reduced fat, rennet free

RM---raw milk

RS---reduced sodium

SR---sustained release

WW---whole wheat

YF---yeast free

CF---corn free


How do I use EBT?

To use EBT, simply place items in your shopping cart and go to checkout. Choose the 'EBT' payment option and click 'continue'. We'll notify you when your order arrives in a couple weeks, and you can pay with your card at that time.