Terms & Conditions

Please note that orders are for pickup only on Kauai. Orders will not be shipped elsewhere.

Order Cancellation

Due to the nature of shipping items across the ocean, order cancellation will not be accepted after order deadline dates. Order deadlines are at midnight on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. See order pickup schedule for order deadline dates.

For example, you order on August 1st. The next order deadline is at midnight on August 10th. You can correct a mistakenly ordered item, and/or request order cancellation and receive a full refund by contacting us before midnight on August 10th. After midnight on August 10th, neither cancellation nor order modification will be accepted.

 Contact us if you have any questions or wish to cancel your order.

Order Pickup

Each time an order arrives, you will have three days in which to pick up your order. See  order pickup schedule for details. When you make your purchase you agree to pick up your order on the days and times available. A courtesy notification will be sent to you via the email address we have on file. Whether or not you receive this notification, you are responsible for picking up your items.

In General

We ask that you use our online store and related pages with care and judgement, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience.