Grocery List Tips

The Grocery List is a flexible tool for reordering staple items without the need to locate them again.
  • Log in and locate your first item to purchase
  • Click on 'Add to grocery list' button in the far right column (the heart icon)
  • Repeat for all items
  • Click on the 'Grocery List' link (the heart icon) next to 'Your Cart' link (the shopping bag icon) on the right
  • Select items to be added to the shopping cart by checking the boxes individually, or select all with 'Check All'. Then click 'Add checked items to cart'
The beauty of the Grocery List is that the items are saved there until you take them out (they are not removed as you put them in your shopping cart). So each time you log in, you can easily go to your Grocery List and order from there. You can also add or delete items from Your Cart before or after you transfer them from your Grocery List, so you always order only what you want!